Book Fairies keep kids reading through the summer

Posted at 5:00 AM, May 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-26 07:08:54-04

Anything is possible through a book.

"They bring joy to others, bring happiness, and do things that are fun," Author, Alysson Bourque said.

Finding one of those books can be just as magical.

Sisters Hannah and Haleigh Hooks are taking part in that magic by finding their fairy wings. They have left dozens of books around Breaux Bridge.

"It's a surprise and everyone likes surprises," Hannah said.

Both have a common goal to keep kids reading throughout the summer.

"I think it's just the idea of promoting reading," Hannah said. "A lot of kids aren't in school reading."

The idea is not their own, but one that is happening at a national level.

Alysson Bourque, author of the AlyCat Series, said she came across the movement one day and decided to become a Book Fairy.

She left copies of her own books around Acadiana. Her efforts caught on and soon other authors were doing the same.

"I just love the idea that it's like a scavenger hunt," Bourque said. "People get to find books in the community. After I donated the books, I decided to become a book fairy and do that with my own books and with books that I receive or buy and enjoy. I'd like for people to enjoy those books as well. So I hide those."

As the magic a book can hold is spread across Acadiana, keep a look out, you may be able to spot a fair fluttering past and not even know it.

To become a book fairy just head to:

How to spot a Book Fairy:

Their eyes are constantly darting around the place, as they look for a great spot to place their books.
These areas are carefully chosen, so that that they can leave a book without anyone seeing them, but also visible enough for the next person to spot it.

Book Fairies are usually carrying around a big tote full of books. They will have a giant green and white sticker on the bag identifying them as a "book fairy."