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Ring Floodlight Camera On Amazon Offers Peace Of Mind And Bright Outdoor Lighting

Ring Floodlight Camera On Amazon Offers Peace Of Mind And Bright Outdoor Lighting
Posted at 5:30 AM, May 06, 2022

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If you’re thinking of adding security cameras to your home, the Ring floodlight camera on Amazon is one of the best-selling security devices you’ll find, and it comes highly recommended with more than 10,000 5-star reviews.

Priced at $199, the Ring floodlight camera is a 1080p HD security camera. It features motion-activated LED floodlights, color night vision and a security siren, plus two-way talk so you can speak to whoever is at your door — without actually answering or even having to be home. The camera includes customizable motion zones, so you can choose the exact spots that the camera should focus on when alerting you to activity on your property, which helps prevent unnecessary alerts from things like traffic or birds flying by.

The Ring floodlight camera will send notifications to your phone, tablet or PC anytime the motion-activated camera is alerted to movement in the vicinity, or you can check the cameras yourself by going to the Ring app on your device and taking a live look. The camera is also part of Amazon’s home-security and smart home division, which means it can pair with an Alexa device, so you can simply ask Alexa to show you the camera or speak to whoever is at the door.

To install the lights and camera, you’ll need to turn off your power and remove your current outdoor light. Then, mount the included bracket, connect wiring, turn the power back on and finish the setup in the Ring app. If you want even more security, you can also purchase a Ring Protect Plan, which allows you to record and review all of your videos for up to 60 days, and it allows you to share videos and photos with neighbors who also have the plan.


With more than 12,000 reviews so far, the Ring floodlight camera has a total rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, with 85% of customers giving it a full 5 stars. Customers say the camera is easy to install, offers peace of mind, has great motion detection and works well at night.

One customer who gave the camera 5 stars and also purchased the Ring Protection Plan said it is everything they needed in a camera and outdoor light.

“This floodlight and camera are excellent. Picture quality is wonderful, custom zones for motion detection allows me to mark where my property begins so my neighbors do not set off the alarm unless they step into my yard,” they wrote. “Settings for sensitivity allow small animals to not set off the alarm. The monthly cost of keeping motion detections videos is well worth the cost.”

Another reviewer says they spent months researching different options and are glad they chose Ring.

“I am very happy with this purchase and can’t believe I am able to watch my home at all times at such a reasonable price. I feel much safer while in the house and also while away,” they wrote. “The functions are great as you can constantly have alarms going off or not. I have purchased other options such as the mini indoor camera and the chime and happy with all purchases.”


Ring has a variety of other cameras as well if you want something that costs a bit less or if you don’t need a floodlight.

This Ring Stick Up Cam can be used indoors or outdoors and allows you to see, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet or Amazon Echo device. The camera is battery-powered and you can access a live view by connecting the camera to Wi-Fi.

To install, simply place the camera on a flat surface (like a table if using indoors) or mount it to a wall inside or outside your home. Priced at $100, it has more than 41,000 reviews and a total rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.


If you don’t want to keep up with changing the battery, Ring also has a solar-powered camera. The Ring Stick Up Cam Solar HD security camera has two-way talk and works regardless of the weather, so even if it’s a cloudy day or raining, the camera will still work despite the lack of sunshine.

The camera installs easily by setting it up where you want it, then plugging in the solar panel and connecting to Wi-Fi. The camera pairs with Alexa, so you can get a live view of the outside of your home by asking Alexa to see the camera.

With more than 9,000 reviews, the camera has 4.7 stars out of 5, with 84% of customers giving it a full 5 stars. Customers say it works great and is easy to install, but many recommend placing it in an area where it will get at least six hours of sunshine to make sure the solar panel gets charged every day.


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