Rebound: Resume tips on landing the job interview

Digital resume has become just as important as paper
Posted at 12:14 PM, Jun 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-01 13:14:32-04

The process of rebuilding the economy is underway and that means employers are hiring. One master career director located in Lafayette is sharing some tips on how to land the interview.

During COVID-19, certified writer and career coach Laurie James stresses the importance to innovate to be great.

"That means using video in a resume, uploading a video. Using online presence and doing something that's creative and different," said Laurie James.

Laurie says she's been writing resumes for over 30 years and see's common mistakes people make.

"The number one thing would be typos. I've seen resumes sent out that have an incorrect phone number or email contact," said James.

Another big slip up is not going the extra mile that will make you stand out.

"Don't just download a Microsoft word template and use it. Don't! Use it as a model but make it your own," said James.

In addition to eliminating simple grammar errors, updating your LinkedIn account is just as important if you want to get noticed.

"LinkedIn is legitimate. Recruiters and employers are on it all the time looking for those great employees. There are 650 million people around the world on Linkedin, it's almost three people per second plugging into new profiles," said James.

Polishing your paper resume and digital resume should be the focus for anyone on the job hunt.

"A well written resume, and an online presence with LinkedIn will yield you of getting that interview which is the whole point," said James.