Local florists hopeful as they prep for Valentine's Day shoppers

Inventory cut in half from previous year
Posted at 5:49 PM, Feb 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-10 20:09:26-05

Dawn Mouton, owner of The Flower Barn says the pandemic forced her to close her doors for two months. However, with so much love in the air, she's hopeful about what Valentine's day could bring.

"We're hoping it's our pick up moment, its supposed to be. It normally is," said Dawn Mouton.

Dawn Mouton opened The Flower Barn in 2016 and says the Valentine's Day preparations is one of the biggest peaks in sales for her shop.

"The week of and the week before is complete crazy. Craziness! We have hundreds of vases coming in, hundreds of flowers coming in. The processing of flowers" said, Mouton.

With Valentine's day only four days away, numbers aren't where the staff at Flower Barn were hoping to be at.

"On an average, we would order 2,000 roses at least for Valentine's day. This year we kind of halved that. So, we have 1,000 roses ready to go."

She says many florists are dealing with slower sales right but nothing compares to the toll spring and fall wedding cancellations brought.

"So, it was kind of like a double hit. We couldn't have our spring weddings, and we couldn't have any new weddings. But now that we are able to have weddings again, it's picked up, and we're excited."

The owner of Flower Barn adds that she is hopeful and prepared for those last-minute Valentine's Day shoppers.