Getting Back To Work


Local catering business finding ways to survive during the pandemic

Providing meal preps and to-go platters for profit
Posted at 5:06 PM, Jul 09, 2020

For those working in the food industry who are dependent on large gatherings to make a living, they're feeling the weight of this pandemic, changing everything about how they do business.

According to the National Association of Catering Executives, 80% of catering businesses nation-wide are facing layoffs and pay reductions in light of COVID-19.

"A lot of people who signed up for catering, we had to end up refunding money and deposits back," said Anita Thomas.

The typical busy wedding and graduation season is no longer existent, and it's pushing Grand Affair Catering business to find other alternatives for income.

"The party trays, sometimes people may want dinner. Of course, we were doing meal preps, and now I'm having people reach out to me about that," she said.

Thankful that loyal customers still want business, the big cash crop that can bring in as much as $6,000 in one event are the venues.

"It's good for us, but the weddings that we had were 200-300 people, that all got pushed back to August and September," she said.

One client who is planning to jump the broom in the upcoming weeks will be the first since March for the Grand Affair staff.

"When we're serving, we are going to be behind glass and gloves. I guess this is the new norm we're going to have to adapt. So, it's not going to look as professional as it should but, we have to protect our staff as well as our guests."