Making Ends Meet


School supply shopping for parents on a budget

Posted at 7:11 PM, Aug 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-04 20:14:18-04

CARENCRO — Parents across Acadiana are trying to navigate buying school uniforms for their children while on a tight budget.

With less than two weeks left until school for most, Goodwill Acadiana is making sure their racks are full.

"We're pretty happy to be able to provide school uniforms or help to provide parents with the school uniforms that they need," said Hope Johnson, Goodwill's director of donated goods retail.

Parents are able to shop for shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, shoes, and even coats.

"[There's] no point in buying new clothes for them to dirty up and mess up and then have to buy new clothes," said parent and soon-to-be-teacher Theresa Variet. "And, they're constantly growing, so it's an expense."

Some parents say they're appreciative they have Goodwill as an option since the pandemic has been especially difficult.

"Everything costs. With food and clothing and school, it's a combination of everything, and I'm going to school as well," said Variet. "It ends up adding up after a while. [You] might as well get a deal when you can."

As some parents leave their stores with uniforms, the staff is also reminding people to bring in what's not being used.

"It would be very, very important that the gently used uniforms are brought to Goodwill, so that we can, in turn, sell those to generate revenue so that we could give services back to the community," said Johnson.

School supplies donations are also being accepted by the Backpack Project with the assistance of the Kiwanis Club of Lafayette.

You may drop off supplies at three locations: CASA of SoLA office, UBS Financial Services, and Grace Presbyterian Church.

You may also make a monetary donation at