Asbury Choir Back In Church on Sunday

Singing Virtually For Over A Year
Posted at 5:00 PM, Jul 17, 2021

Since March of last year, Asbury United Methodist Church's choir has been apart because of the pandemic. Dr. Lee Cooke, the Worship and Music Ministry Director says, "We had a few that would sing that were not in the high risk group, and they would come and sing during the worship services."

Dr. Lee Cooke-Director of Worship & Music Ministries Asbury United Methodist Church

Dr. Cooke said the rest of the choir did their best to stay connected outside of the church, adding, "We sang hymns over Zoom, we would broadcast our worship services, and the choir was part of that."

Music is incredibly important, and a big part of Asbury's church services. Choir members were back together for the first time to rehearse earlier this week. The whole choir glad to see each other. Cooke adds, "It was way too long for us. We've been dying to get back together, and we're finally all back together."


You're welcome to come see the group staring this Sunday at 11am. The church is located at the corner of Johnston and Live Oak. Anyone can come! "We welcome everybody, The Methodist have a slogan, open hearts, open minds, open doors. And we welcome anyone to come if they want to!", says Cooke.

Dr. Cooke also has an encouraging saying to attract new members to the choir. "If you can breathe, you can sing! And we'd love to have you!"