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Parents react to Four-Day work week for Acadia Parish Schools

Posted at 6:22 PM, Jan 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-27 19:22:59-05

The Acadia Parish School system is switching to a four-day school week next school year.

Last night, the board voted to switch to a Tuesday through Friday schedule.

I spoke to parents about their thoughts--about the upcoming change.

Contessa Brown, Parent of Acadia Parish School Students "I think that the kids that's behind they need to go to school on Mondays for the 1 on 1 section with the teachers to give them extra time and to study to get on track and stuff."

Agnes Patin, Grandparent of Acadia Parish school students said, "I pick them up everyday from school, and I think Fridays would be better you know everybody starts there weekends you know and I understand if you're having trouble I think they will keep them that Friday they'll have more work on Fridays if they're falling behind and stuff which is a good but I just think Fridays would be much better."

Acadia Parish Schools Superintendent, Scott Richard says the goal is to not over extend the day that makes it unreasonable but to condense a 5 day work week into a 4 day work with to get adequate instructional time for students.

Richard also says the school board is experiencing a qualified teacher shortage.

Scott Richard Acadia Parish Schools Superintendent said, "Some districts have been very successful with a 4 day work week across the nation some districts have not and reverted back to a 5 day work week since the pandemic there's been a lot of trending in that direction to go to a 4 day work week simply due to burn out, employee shortages especially in our classrooms and our support staff hopefully the way we'll go will help us to recruit and retain more teachers more qualified teachers and more support employees."

The new four day work week is scheduled to go into affect july 1st for employees and for students in early august.