Making Ends Meet


Youngsville restaurant lifts community spirits with free meals, music

Posted at 7:55 AM, Apr 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-07 23:55:14-04

UPDATE: Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter says that Agave and Zeus distributed 1,000 complimentary meals in less than an hour on Tuesday afternoon. Organizers say the meals were handed out starting at 4:30 instead of 5 as originally planned due to the traffic the event caused.

"The owner knows that our community is going through a tough time now because of the COVID-19 crisis and felt that this way his way of giving back as a way to say thank you to a community that has been grateful to him," explained Mayor Ken Ritter.

Agave Mexican Grill and Cantina in Youngsville offered 1,000 complimentary drive-thru meals to residents starting at 5:00 pm on April 7.

"We feel right now is our time to give back," said Nidal. "This is a little bit of what we can do to give back to the Youngsville people."

The drive-thru, according to Balbeisi and Chief Boudreaux, kept safety at the forefront.

Meals were handed out via curbside pickup. Drivers were asked to remain in their vehicles as they drove through the parking lot of the restaurant located on 2810 E. Milton Ave.

"This is gonna be a good thing for the community," said Boudreaux. "This relieves all the cooks in the house from having to cook that night and hopefully everyone will enjoy the meal."

Entertainment was provided in the form of a DJ and characters for kids.

"I know it's been tough on a lot of people," Balbeisi said. "But, you know what, together we can make it better."

See the video of the announcement, below: