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UPDATE: Charges declined against one of two deputies booked with domestic violence

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Posted at 10:55 AM, May 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-09 14:25:27-04

We've got an update on this story.

"The Sheriff’s Office received written notice from the office of the 15th JDC District Attorney that a 15th JDC prosecutor refused all charges on Christopher Guidry due to having no cooperation or testimony from the alleged victim," a VPSO release states.

We reported earlier Tuesday that two deputies with the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office were recently arrested on separate incidents for domestic abuse battery.

Bill James O’Neal was arrested by his fellow deputies on April 26 and booked with 2 counts Domestic Abuse Battery Child Endangerment.

A parish commissioner decided that he would not require a Gwen's Law hearing, and O'Neal was released on $2,000 bond.

Christopher Renee Guidry was arrested on May 1 by the Kaplan Police Department. He was booked with Domestic Abuse Battery Child Endangerment, False Imprisonment Misdemeanor and 3 counts Resisting an Officer Misdemeanor. He posted bond and was released as well.

The same parish commissioner also decided not to require a Gwen's Law hearing for Guidry. Gwen's Law requires there to be a hearing about bail in certain circumstances involving domestic violence charges, including when the defendant has a criminal history, when they make documented threats and when they pose a danger to the victim in the case or anyone else.

Kaplan Police say they were notified of the incident in their jurisdiction by the sheriff's office, which launched an internal affairs investigation. Apparently witnesses called the sheriff to report the incident, Kaplan Police said. A captain in the department conducted an investigation, and obtained a warrant for Guidry's arrest. He was booked with "resisting" because he refused to put his hands behind his back during the arrest, Kaplan Police said.

According to a spokesperson with the Sheriff’s Office, both incidents are under internal review.

At present, both deputies have surrendered their enforcement commissions, meaning they have no arrest powers. They've both been suspended from working in any public enforcement capacity and prohibited from carrying any departmental issued firearms.

Both have been reassigned to work at the parish jail performing administrative duties until such time the judicial system reaches a final disposition, at which time a final decision will be made regarding continued and future employment with the Vermilion Parish Sheriff Office, the spokesperson said.