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Meet new Vermilion Parish Schools superintendent Tommy Byler

Posted at 5:02 AM, Aug 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-13 07:23:21-04

Vermilion Parish School District's new superintendent Tommy Byler has served the district in just about every capacity.

"As a football coach, as a softball coach, as a teacher as a principal," says Byler.

Now, having received a unanimous yes from the school board he believes he's already completed step one in his new role as superintendent.

"My message is we need to unify Vermilion. As a school board you took that first step before anything I ever did. Before I ever started working you threw support 8-0. Let's go to work, let's show people that we can do this," he says.

Part of unifying the district is utilizing every single employee and expecting their best.

"We have people in place we need to use our people. If school systems were about the Superintendent then why do we have all these employees? The Superintendent is the leader of the people in the system. That is just my vision of it. I need you to bring you're 'A' game every day," says Byler, adding he will not make change for the sake of change, but he hopes to offer ideas from a new perspective.

"Because I've been at a school level and I've been out of the central office and I've seen what's worked and what could be tweaked,

And as soon as possible, he's looking forward to setting foot on each school's campus to witness and improve upon the impact they'll make on each students life.

"I want to go see the French immersion program at LeBlanc. I want to go see the leader in me program in Henry, I want to go visit Erath where i started my career, I want to go visit Kaplan where my parents graduated from."

In the coming weeks we'll have more from him on specific plans as far as going back to school in the midst of a pandemic.