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Erath City's Officials Plans To Help Lower Electricity Rates

Erath City Hall
Posted at 11:40 PM, Mar 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-23 00:40:47-04

According to Mayor Taylor Menacci, building an electrical substation facility will cost up to three million dollars.

Once in operation, the facility will cut down the cost of electricity for all residents in Erath.

"It's a big step to lower our rates for the customers to sustain a good future. Essentially, we buy wholesale and sale retail to the customers in Erath. We need those funds for streets, policemen, for fire, and the essentials of our town."

He also says, to raise three million he doesn't want to take additional funds from the consumer's electricity bill or raise taxes.

Mayor Menacci, said the funds will come from the bond commissions.

"We will go out for bond to get the funds and all numbers that we are running with proceeds from the bonds, the payments, purchasing power we are going to provide a lower rate to costumers in the end."

Nicky Stansbury, who has been dealing with a rise in electricity rates said she's in favor for having her monthly bill lowered.

"After seeing a lot of Facebook post and the residents and businesses owners stating their experiences, I feel like it's a very justified service that they are providing for the community. It'll bring a lot of happier homes and businesses."