The latest on Friday's soaking showers

Posted at 4:21 PM, Oct 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-24 17:21:03-04

The forecast is set for a big change with deep tropical moisture leading to a very wet wrap up to what has been a fairly pleasant weather week.

Clouds have been streaming in all day Thursday and the cloud deck will continue to expand through the rest of the evening and overnight into Friday.

The showers will be with us through out the day on Friday from early in the day all the way into Saturday morning when we should start to see the showers ease up.

Many of these showers will be the result of tropical moisture anchored deep in the Gulf of Mexico, the NHC continues to increase the chance of seeing this complex of showers turn into a tropical depression.

Regardless of weather or not there is an "official" depression the impacts for Acadiana will remain the same, as outlined below.

Currently there aren't any major flooding concerns for Acadiana although a Flash Flood Watch has been posted for the eastern half of the state until Saturday morning.

A reason the watch is up east of Acadiana and not a little further west is it appears the eastern half of the state will be the focus of the more intense downpours, when you watch the above graphic notice the solid lines of training showers that develop.

Keep in mind, however, that the exact placement of these "shower trains" can't be spotted with a model, so that will be the big thing to watch for through the day on Friday.

It looks like Acadiana will likely see 2-3" of rain through the event, with localized areas picking up 4-5". Since these showers are tropical though there could be some hot spots that are closer to the 7-8" range which could cause some problems.

Again the above graphic is just approximations, exactly where those hot spots develop we won't know until we start to see the showers arriving early Friday morning so stay weather aware.

Winds will be picking up through the day on Friday, especially offshore where gale force winds will be possible, so on top of everything else it'll be a fairly windy day on Friday.