Summer continues, but a break is on the way

Posted at 6:18 AM, Oct 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-01 08:43:06-04

The seemingly never-ending summer plods along for another week as we officially start October, still waiting on that first round of cool weather.

While we've still got a little ways to go there is some continuing indications that we have a front coming up on the horizon, finally bringing fall to Acadiana next week.

In the meantime though it's a little more of the same with summer like conditions continuing through the first week of October.

This means we will continue to deal with highs in the low 90s the heat index is going to be sitting closer to the century mark, which is well above average for this time of year.

It's the evening when you can real feel how warm it's been with lows sticking around in the 70s and running close to 10 degrees above normal.

Hopefully we will get a break from all this next week, in the meantime summer will continue its stay in south Louisiana.