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Cypremort Point damage hit-and-miss

Cypremort Point damage hit-and-miss
Posted at 9:55 PM, Jul 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-15 23:17:26-04

The damage in Cypremort Pint is hit-and-miss, but where it is, it's significant.

Monday afternoon, the calming sound of waves was drowned out by residents pressure washing mud off their property.

Others were sweeping up debris. Mason Pesson helped clean his aunt's camp.

"Mostly, we just sucked all the water out and we mopped the floors. We're probably going to have to take some of the wood out.," Pesson said.

The storm was so powerful, it destroyed part of a cinder block wall. Many boats in the marina were also tossed around like toys.

Nearby, Bayview Inn and Grocery, a staple in Cypremort Point was on the frontline during Hurricane Barry.

"If you look at that wood and your windows are still there, that tells you the surge was that high or a little higher," Don Meaux said. "The force of the water knocked all of the bottom of the wall out, but for some reason saved most of the windows."

The storm pushed debris and marsh grass across The Point. Meaux even warned about a hidden danger.

"Cottonmouth water moccasins are all over once this water goes back down. When we pick something up to move it, we're so careful because they come out the moisture and it's bad," Meaux said.

Residents say the cleanup process will be a long one and they'll have to be patient.