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St. Martinville approves motion to file injunction against mayor's husband

Posted at 6:11 PM, Jul 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-19 00:30:26-04

ST. MARTINVILLE — The St. Martinville City Council has voted to file an injunction against Mayor Melinda Mitchell’s husband.

The motion to file that injunction was approved by a vote of 3-1.

Before the meeting the St. Martinville City Attorney was seen wearing a bulletproof vest. City Attorney Allan Durand was seen a the meeting wearing the vest which he says he is doing to "Just be careful."

Durand is the person the council will direct to file that court order against Lawrence Mitchell. The injunction would prevent Mitchell from entering onto any city property or approaching any city employee except his wife.

Durand later removed the vest before the meeting began.

Councilman Craig Prosper said Lawrence Mitchell has been harassing city employees for nearly nine months.

"The employees tried handling it directly with the Mayor. She tried handling it, I'm guessing with her husband and it just wasn't happening," Prosper said.

Prosper has a restraining order against Mitchell.

He says since Mitchell was last arrested in May, he's left him alone. Prosper said he's now getting calls from other city employees about the Mayor's husband's behavior. The most recent incident happened this week.

"Mr. Mitchell was here and started screaming, cursing and using vulgar language," Prosper said.

"It's been harassment. As I mentioned, the utility director, the superintendents, other city council members other than the one that has the restraining order," said Councilman Mike Fuselier. "Several public works officials. It's multiple people and it needs to stop."

There is one stipulation to the injunction. If the Mitchell family is hosting an event at a city owned park, the Mayor's husband is allowed to attend.

Mayor Mitchell was not at tonight's special council meeting. We're told she is on vacation.

KATC's Chris Welty did ask the Mayor for comment and she said, "I'm good Chris. Thanks."