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Changes coming to historic landmarks in Downtown St. Martinville

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Posted at 9:33 PM, Feb 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-11 08:30:24-05

In downtown St.Martinville, city council members have decided to upgrade historic landmarks.

At a recent council meeting, board members proposed upgrading historic buildings on Main Street, some have been in St. Martinville for over 200 years.

Mayor Melinda Mitchell said before making any upgrades, the owners have to comply.

"It's been quite some time that we've been having some issues with the buildings, especially in the historic district," said Mitchell. "The city, as the municipality, we have to go on compliance so whenever we get a complaint we have to inform the business owner and make sure they comply."

After contacting the owners, Councilman Mike Fuselier said funds can be used from grants to begin necessary upgrades.

"Some grants are available through the state to do the facades and we have gotten several businesses that grant," said Fuselier. "So, we are doing everything physically possible that we can do to aid them."

City council members agree that work should begin with the most noticeable part of the building.

"The first thing I would start with is the balcony because that's the looks of St. Martinville," said Parish building inspector Rodney Richard. "Repairing those balconies on those main three buildings."

After those repairs are made, Richard suggests building owners focus on the roof.

"Inside the buildings you have some minor decay because of roof leaks, so first thing you do is you start off with the roof leaks," he said.

Council members told KATC that upgrades will come as soon as additional funding in granted.