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Family of Wilfred Kennerson plans to have a funeral for their loved one

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Posted at 7:43 PM, Mar 04, 2022

On October fourth Wilfred Kennerson the third went missing. A family member says he was last seen in Bastrop, Louisiana on October fifth.

"He made a trip to Dallas and from Dallas, he went to Bastrop. His car was found on the corner of fourth and joseph in Opelousas, Louisiana. On October 8th we found the car and on October 4th he went missing."

After speaking with Wilfred's sister, Angie. She says Morehouse Parish police say a body was found in Bastrop but it is undetermined if it's her brother.

"And because we were raised together we have a close bond when we were small and I just don't fill my brother anywhere. I don't Feel him I don't sense his spirit or anything of that matter. So I feel in my heart that's my brother and I'm not going to stop until I get Justice and not going to stop until some arrests me made, I will not stop no matter what happens."

Although it's yet to be confirmed Angie started a go fund me to raise money for funeral expenses.

"We have been waiting five months on today to get answers and it still hasn't been anything. Why wait for another three to four months and then we start to get funeral expenses together and he has to get buried way later."

If you would like the donate to the Kennerson family's cause here's the link to their go fund me.;!!FJkDyvWmnr4!LTeDVXM94WlGlwcxyBTSs4iT05Y_lxhDBLL-opbJLcxESQnlam3JgjZJjKVByq06qYKuzQ