Showers Moving in Wednesday Night

Posted at 5:30 AM, Jan 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-22 08:59:08-05

Showers seem to be moving a little quicker than initially thought which means a slightly earlier arrival time of rain across Acadiana, with some of the early rounds of wet weather creeping in by late Wednesday afternoon.

The day won't start off looking like a rainy day, instead it'll be a mostly clear and cold morning with the clouds arriving by the late morning and thickening up through the afternoon.

Temperatures will only get up to around 54 degrees in the afternoon with cloud cover limiting our ability to warm up, and lows are expected to sit in the upper 40s as showers move through the region.

Rain will start to pick up late afternoon in the western half of Acadiana and increase in coverage by the commute home from work with light to moderate showers spread out area wide and continuing into Thursday morning.

Intensity will pick up slightly early Thursday morning with some thunderstorms possible, although severe weather isn't expected to be an issue.

Rain totals will linger in the half inch to an inch range with maybe a few isolated areas that pick up an inch and half, but flooding isn't expected to be a problem as the showers will arrive slow enough for the ground to drain.

Once the big push of showers moves out of the area Thursday morning clouds and a few light showers will linger, but everything should be cleared out of the region by Friday.

This will set the stage for a nice, sunny and cool weekend.