Severe storms possible on Wednesday

Posted at 5:42 AM, Feb 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-04 08:11:11-05

Clouds have been moving in over the last 12 hours as strong, gusty winds have been pushing moisture out of the Gulf of Mexico and into Acadiana.

Winds will stay strong and gusty on Tuesday coming directly out of the south at around 10-15 mph, with gusts that will push to around 25-30 mph.

Mostly cloudy skies Tuesday with the occasional patch of sunshine, and with enough moisture that there's a slight chance for a quick passing shower.

This takes us to Wednesday which is looking like it will be a fairly active day, with a slight risk for some severe weather through mid-morning and early afternoon.

Storms will be isolated, meaning there won't be a defined line of storms that swing through region, which requires a little more vigilance in monitoring the weather.

The strong winds we've seen not only are providing the moisture but creating what is known as shear, one of the necessary ingredients for severe weather.

This means a there's a profile for rotating thunderstorms so all modes of severe weather will need to be watched for Wednesday.

Showers will continue through the day on Wednesday and Thursday providing around an inch worth of accumulation.

Temperatures will be up and down over the next few days as the front stalls and drifts putting us in and out of the warm sector for the next few days.