Severe storms moving through on Wednesday

Posted at 6:07 AM, Mar 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-03 08:04:14-05

We're stuck in a cloudy pattern for the next few days with a front sitting stationary across Acadiana, this front will be the focal point for a round of possible severe storms on Wednesday afternoon.

Despite a heavy blanket of clouds laying across the area temperatures are still going to be very mild with highs sitting in the upper 70s, and lows that will stay in the upper 60s.

There's enough moisture in the atmosphere that a few scattered showers on Tuesday is not out of the question, any rainfall we get though will be light and short lived.

The pattern becomes more interesting on Wednesday with the potential for some severe storms developing as a result of a surface low that is expected to scrape the coast line.

It'll be the placement of this surface low that dictates where the strongest storms are able to take shape, but it looks like roughly the I-10 corridor and areas to the coast will have the greatest chance for some of that severe weather.

Damaging winds, medium to large hail, and a few isolated tornadoes will be the primary threats we'll be watching for so it won't be surprising to see watches going up around lunch time.

Showers will be heavier and more widespread in central Louisiana where they could pick up 2-4" of rain, for Acadiana though those rain totals will be in the 1-3" range.

It'll be important to stay weather aware on Wednesday and to stay on top of the forecast.