Scattered showers through the day with winds increasing

Posted at 5:58 AM, Feb 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-12 08:11:41-05

It's another very gray forecast this Wednesday as we continue to deal with a front that, I think we can all agree, has definitely overstayed its stay here in Acadiana.

Morning temperatures have been all over the place ranging from the upper 40s close to Alexandria to the low 70s down along the coastline, a symptom of a front sitting directly on top of us.

Highs today will average in the mid 70s before they drop going over night Wednesday, getting down into the low 50s when the front finally passes through the region.

In the meantime we can expect light scattered showers through the day on Tuesday with showers increasing in both coverage and intensity later on in the evening.

Storms will be possible through the evening and there is an outside chance for a severe thunderstorm or two, with the worst of the weather expected to our east.

While showers will certainly be present through the day the winds will arguably be the bigger issue we have to deal with as they'll be sustained out of the south around 15-20 mph with gusts around 30-35 mph.

Those southerly winds will eventually shift and be from the north as we go overnight which will signal that the front has passed and temperatures will be allowed to drop.

Clouds stay locked in place through the day on Thursday with chilly temperatures lasting through the week.