Santa will return to the Oil Center for Christmas

Posted at 1:35 PM, Oct 21, 2019

LAFAYETTE, LA — Last week The Oil Center Association Board of Directors announced that The Festival of Lights will be canceled this year. Leaving one question on the mind of many people, will Santa be back?

A spokesperson for LGMC says the Santa Claus Christmas decoration will be placed on top of Lafayette General's skywalk the day after Thanksgiving.

Some factors surrounding this decision to cancel the 25-year-old festival were the ability to raise funds to support such a large event, along with mitigation of risk as it pertains to a one-night outdoor event (weather conditions).

The growing cost of the event, along with the economic environment which created a deterioration of sponsorships, also weighed heavily on the success of the event, according to Oil Center Association.

The Board will be reconsidering the Festival for 2020.