More stores going cashierless; here’s how it works

Posted at 2:46 PM, Sep 03, 2019

Artificial intelligence is being used by companies around the world, allowing many stories to go cashierless.

Mike Fogarty, founder of Choice Market, says great food, service and quick check-outs are essential.

“Currently, we have the ability for folks to order online on an app and use one of our self-checkouts back here,” Fogarty says. “We also have a traditional point of sale over here.”

In six months, Choice Market plans to introduce a cashierless system using artificial intelligence technology.

“Using cameras, sensors and other things within the store to monitor what’s being taken off the shelf, what a customer is walking out with, and ultimately, charging it to their credit card or the app,” Fogarty explains.

However, Choice Market isn’t the only store doing this. Amazon Go stores are popping up across the country.

“Many other retailers, including ourselves, are looking at this as a way to really enhance the customer experience,” Fogarty says. “And [in] my opinion, you will see this in almost every retailer in the very near future.”

As far as jobs go, Fogarty says he doesn’t plan on letting any employees go once the new stores open.