Pet safety tips during colder temps

Posted at 6:24 PM, Jan 06, 2022

With colder weather back in the forecast, it’s important for everyone to stay warm.. that includes our furry friends.

Lynn Bourque, adoption supervisor at Lafayette Animal Shelter, says our furry friends like to be outdoors.

"They’re outdoor kind of people just like some people are, but they do need shelter, protection from the elements."

Proper protection from the elements is a state law, although it does not require animals to be brought inside when it gets cold.

What then qualifies as proper protection from the elements?

"Proper shelter is defined as a doghouse with complete sides and also proper bedding when the temperature is below 32 degrees."

So, if it's cold outside, place a blanket, place some hay,just put some proper bedding.

"It must be dry in order to provide comfort and warmth to the pet," explains Bourque.

Also, your pets age and size has an effect on its sensitivity to the weather as well.

"Smaller breeds and your older and younger pets are going to be more affected by the weather… then your athletic dog and your Siberian Husky, or your dogs that are normally outdoor temperatures and double coated pets," says Bourque.

Now, the shelter says it can’t go out and buy blankets and doghouses, but they do accept donations for less fortunate pets.