October's first weekend, feels like summer

Posted at 3:20 AM, Oct 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-04 04:20:57-04

We have now reached the end of October's first week, and we still have not had a day not push through 90 for the entire month.

The number of our 90 degree days are now well in the 90s, and it's highly likely we have 100 days with 90 degrees through the year.

Not only has the heat stayed cranked all the way up but it's been unusually humid outside to go along with hit keeping that heat index close to 100.

There's enough moisture that summer like, pop up showers will be in the forecast through the weekend.

Monday a front will finally push through, but the dry air won't be as intrusive or as long lasting as we had hoped earlier in the week.

Instead we'll get a few mornings in the low to mid 60s and warm but dry afternoons through the middle of next week.

It won't be long before heat and humidity return and we'll be back looking for our next front.