New community initiative invests in future of Loreauville

Loreauville Community Project
Posted at 8:07 AM, Sep 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-27 09:07:02-04

The village of Loreauville is coming together for a new initiative to bring more visitors to town and better the area for those who already call it home. It's called the Loreauville Community Project, and Mayor Brad Clifton is one of its founding members.

"The project's mission is to support other community activities through our fundraising efforts but also to bring quality of life improvements here to the village," says Clifton.

It all began with a Christmas event last year and since then has grown beyond the founders' dreams.

"Throughout the year we do different events. End of school bash. Start of school bash. We did a Fourth of July celebration this year. Next year we're looking into doing a Mardi Gras celebration here in Loreauville and then giving money and helping people who are in need," says Clifton.

Most recently, the project worked with the outdoor happiness movement to get a grant for a new park playground. It was a team effort getting the fund and preparing the space.

"We did like a little family trip and cleaned the park with Loreauville Community Project before we got the equipment in," says High School student Hannah Towers. Her mother is on the LCP Board, and is teaching her family about volunteering and giving back from a young age.

The group's next goals are further park renovations for handicap accessibility, another successful Christmas fundraising event, and hopefully a bi-product of continued community pride.

Vice President Kirsten Bourque says she is so proud of how far the project has come and the potential she sees in her village.

"This community is a god sent and I am blessed to be part of it because not many cities come together like Loreauville does," says Bourque.