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Supply chain issues mean retailers will offer sales this month, experts say

Posted at 11:47 AM, Jan 10, 2022

Retail experts say that now is the time to start cashing in on discounts at stores.

Experts say supply chain issues caused items that were intended to be on shelves in October, November and December to arrive in stores this month.

"I think that retailers are going to struggle and do everything possible to be sure that their inventories are completely current as they get clobbered with all this spring merchandise, whose deliveries they normally would stage throughout the first and second quarter, that for the last several months they've been attempting to get delivered early," said Mark Cohen, the director of retail studies at Columbia University.

Cohen says consumers can expect discounts well above what they'd typically see this month because of the need to clear out inventory. Supply chain issues mean that some deals didn't occur over Black Friday like they usually would.

Over the next few weeks, shoppers can expect to see price cuts on products related to cold weather clothes or seasonal products like electronics.

"If there's incoming merchandise that's got more features and benefits or more technology or new technology on the way this spring, there's going to be a need to clear the inventory that's sitting, or that's just arrived because it's going to be less valuable," Cohen said. It's going to be less attractive and less viable."

Cohen says retailers used to pack and hold merchandise for future holiday seasons, but that's not viable anymore because of expenses and other complications.