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Russian restaurants across U.S. voice support for Ukraine

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Posted at 1:33 PM, Mar 07, 2022

Some Russian restaurants in the U.S. are expressing solidarity with Ukraine.

The owners of one restaurant in Austin, Texas have dropped the word “Russian” from the establishment’s name.

It is now known simply as – The House.

On Facebook, the restaurant owner Varda Monam said, “It is a very smooth peaceful decision for now...we will remain HOUSE, House for everyone and reflect what we truly are- representation of Russian/Slavic and all post soviet (sic) states.”

While some people praised the owner for showing “empathy and solidarity”, many said the name change wasn’t necessary, and they understand the invasion of Ukraine was a decision made by Russian President Vladimir Putin, not the people of Russia.

The restaurant has also taken other steps to voice its support for Ukraine.

The House is promoting its Ukrainian spirits and donating money made from Ukrainian vodka sales to the Red Cross.

The restaurant will still continue to sell Russian vodka.

It is also donating money from events to a children’s hospital in Ukraine.

Another restaurant has also removed its references to Russia from its name.

Taste of Russia in New York is now looking for a new name and has removed its sign from its business.

Meanwhile, CNN reports the Russian Tea Room in New York City lost business since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Fewer customers have stopped by the restaurant during lunch hour.

The New York restaurant hasn’t said much about the change in business.

However, it has expressed solidarity with Ukraine.

On its website and Facebook page, the restaurant owner writes, “For 95 years, the NY’s institution’s history has been deeply rooted in speaking against communist dictatorship and for democracy.”

It goes on to say, “we stand against Putin and with the people of Ukraine.”

The post ends with a banner at the bottom that reads, “Solidarity with Ukraine.”

Restaurants and bars across the U.S. have taken their own steps to make their stance against Russia known.

Many have banned Russian vodka, with many dumping out the alcohol and refusing to sell it.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has instructed businesses to remove Russian products from their shelves.

In a tweet, Governor Abbott said, “Texas stands with Ukraine.”