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Italy set to return works of art to Russia by the end of March

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Posted at 10:39 AM, Mar 10, 2022

Italy will return borrowed works of art to Russia, after the country asked for their return.

Culture officials in Russia said Italy currently has 25 works of art on loan for two shows set to take place in Milan this month.

"Young woman with a feathered hat" by the Venetian painter Titian was loaned to the Palazzo Reale for an exhibition titled, “Titian and the image of women in 16th century Venice."

Italian and Russian officials have agreed to have the paintings picked up by the end of March, even though the exhibit goes on until early June.

Gallerie d'Italia in Milan has the remaining 23 artworks.

It is set to return the pieces by March 27. Russia has also asked two other Italian museums to return their pieces of art.

Italy’s culture ministry is currently assessing how many and which works of art it has loaned to Russia.