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Biden says NATO has 'never been more united than it is today'

President Joe Biden
Posted at 7:16 AM, Mar 24, 2022

Speaking at a press conference from NATO headquarters in Brussels on Thursday, President Joe Biden said that the defensive alliance and Europe as a whole have never been more closely aligned in opposing Russia and its invasion of Ukraine.

"NATO has never, never been more united than it is today," Biden said.

In opening statements, Biden addressed a Thursday announcement by the White House that his administration would provide an additional $1 billion in humanitarian aid to Ukraine. That announcement also noted that the U.S. would open its doors to 100,000 refugees from the war.

Biden noted during the press conference that in welcoming those refugees, the U.S. would place emphasis on "reuniting families."

Biden also touted the $2 billion in military aid the U.S. has already provided to Ukraine.

"Our weapons are flowing into Ukraine as we speak," Biden said.

In taking questions by reporters, Biden was first asked whether the U.S. had intelligence that Russia was preparing to use biological weapons against Ukraine. Biden chose not to address any intelligence but said the U.S. and NATO would respond should Russia use such weapons.

Biden also chose not to address any intelligence regarding any potential assistance China could provide to aid Russia in their invasion of Ukraine. He added that during a meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping last week, he "made it clear to him to make sure he understood the consequences of helping Russia."

"I think China understands that its economic futures are much more tied to the West than it is to Russia," Biden said.

Biden also said the U.S. and Canada have discussed increasing food and wheat exports to battle shortages in Europe, given that Russia and Ukraine serve as the "breadbasket" for the content. He also added that he exports expelling Russia from the G20 group of nations, though he added such a decision would need to be ratified by the group itself.

Biden and other NATO leaders gathered in Brussels on the one-month anniversary of the Russian invasion. On Friday, he'll travel to Poland to meet with President Andrzej Duda to "discuss how the United States, alongside our Allies and partners, is responding to the humanitarian and human rights crisis that Russia's unjustified and unprovoked war on Ukraine has created."