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Ride of a lifetime: Former U.S. Marine rides 4,600 miles for Save the Brave

Raising awareness of Veteran suicide and PTSD
Ride of a lifetime: Former U.S. Marine rides 4,600 miles for Save the Brave
Posted at 2:36 PM, Jul 23, 2020

From California to South Carolina, a former Marine is riding is motorcycle across the country to raise money for Save the Brave.

Major Scott Huesing is riding to honor his friend Dave White, a former Navy Veteran, who recently passed away from alcohol poisoning.

When asked to give the eulogy at his friends funeral, Huesing want to do something more along the way.

He's riding 4,600 miles round trip to raise money for Save the Brave, a nonprofit that's combating suicide and Post traumatic stress disorder among veterans and first responders.

"This pandemic has created a lot of fear for people and it’s isolated people," Huesing said. For veterans and people dealing with post traumatic stress, isolation is probably the worse thing for them. I think it’s probably the jump off point to where they reach hopelessness."

According to a United States Department of Veterans Affairs Report, suicides are on the rise. In 2017, more than 45,000 Americans died from suicide and 6,130 of them were U.S. Veterans.

"I think right now people want to feel united around something and to be able to hop on my Harley and drive 4,600 miles round trip, I think that gives people a reason to come out and support," Huesing said.

One of his first stops was in Tucson, but he's been riding ever since. You can follow his journey on Instagram.

To donates to Save the Brave, go here.

KGUN's Veronika Vernachio originally reported this story.