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Police search for motorcyclist who got off bike, hit driver multiple times at red light

Motorcycle rider search Lawrenceburg
Motorcycle driver hits car driver
Posted at 8:39 PM, May 16, 2022

Police are searching for a motorcyclist who hit a man multiple timesat a red light, causing him to lose consciousness and crash near the entrance to the Hollywood Casino.

Video provided by the Greendale Police Department shows multiple people riding motorcycles behind a black Mercedes convertible Sunday evening in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. When they arrive at a red light, one of the riders hops off his bike and hits the driver of the Mercedes six times.

The man then gets back on his bike and rides away when the light changes. Police said the driver was battered and lost consciousness, continuing on the road and hitting a truck about a quarter-mile away from the intersection.

In a press release, police said the Mercedes driver told them the man who hit him was about 40 years old. He had a mustache, was around 6-foot-1 and weighed about 230 pounds. A woman was also riding on the motorcycle in a red helmet.

Police did not say what might have led to the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Lawrenceburg Police Department at 812-537-2284.

This story was originally published byJake Ryle and Taylor Weiter of WCPO in Cincinnati, Ohio.