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Minnetonka apologizes for profiting from Native-inspired designs

Posted at 6:19 PM, Oct 13, 2021

Shoemaker Minnetonka issued an apology to the Native community for profiting off the culture.

"We deeply and meaningfully apologize for having benefited from selling Native-inspired designs without directly honoring Native culture or communities," said David Miller, CEO of Minnetonka.

The company, which is known for its moccasins, said it's committed to taking a "more active and public stance in supporting Native communities."

Miller, who reiterated that Minnetonka is not Native-owned, detailed five commitments the company is making to Native American communities.

He said the company is making a concerted effort to recruit Native American workers. Miller added that the company's brand language will change to provide greater transparency to the Native American influence. Minnetonka will also be collaborating with Native designers while building business relationships with Native-owned companies. Lastly, Miller said he is committed to contributing money to Native American causes.

"We will continue to move forward in a manner that acknowledges and honors the Native American culture, design, and people who have influenced our brand and business," Miller said.