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Massive hail falls on southern, eastern Utah

Posted at 2:07 PM, Oct 04, 2022

IRON COUNTY, Utah — Residents in some parts of Utah were pelted with massive hailstones Sunday afternoon.

Many of them, especially residents of Cedar City and Enoch, posted photos and videos online. Some clips of the hail falling can be seen in the video above.

Some residents in Enoch and Cedar found nearly golf-ball-sized hail on the ground:

Image (9).jpg
Image (10).jpg

One resident even had the rear windshield of their car shattered by the hail:

9007168712210829-1002 Hail smashes out car window Iron County Courtesy KH Palmer.jpg

Southern Utah wasn't alone, however — residents of Duchesne County also experienced significant hail.

These photos show the road between the towns of Duchesne and Myton:

9007168712210780-1002 HAIL BETWEEN DUCHESNE AND MYTON COURTESY Tori Martinez (1).jpg
9007168712210781-1002 HAIL BETWEEN DUCHESNE AND MYTON COURTESY Tori Martinez (2).jpg

JD Taylor said he was relaxing in a hot tub when the pellets started hitting him in the head:

Hail storm pelts hot tub

This article was written by KSTU Staff.