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Indiana family says their dog was attacked by someone when she was on the loose

Posted at 10:48 AM, Oct 02, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indiana family is looking for answers after their dog was seriously injured with what they believe was some type of a weapon.

Valerie Do says her dogs, 9-year-old Bella and 12-year-old Zeus, escaped together from their yard Friday.

Do says both dogs were spotted Saturday evening, but she was unable to find them when she went looking.

When Bella wandered home alone Monday, she had deep gash across her face.

"We were terrified," Do said. "It was horrific to see her in so much pain and discomfort."

Do says Bella is in need of multiple surgeries to repair her nasal cavity from the injury, which they believe was caused by a person.

"We immediately rushed her to our local pet hospital ... the vet shared that she believes Bella was struck in the face with a machete just above her eyes, crushing her nasal cavity and possibly fracturing her skull," Do wrote in a Facebook post.

Bella had the first of her surgeries Tuesday, but she still has a long road ahead to recovery.

The family says Bella has never shown any signs of aggression and they're not sure why anyone would want to hurt her.

Do says they've reached out to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and they are working to file a police report on the incident. She has also started an online fundraiser to help pay for Bella's medical bills.

"We want to bring awareness to the community that there is somebody out there that is capable of injuring innocent animals for no purpose," Do said.

Bella is currently being treated for her wounds. Zeus found his way home and was uninjured.

This story was originally published on WRTV.