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Florida legislature votes to ban abortions after 15 weeks, DeSantis expected to approve

Florida Legislature
Posted at 9:37 PM, Mar 03, 2022

Florida's state Senate voted late on Thursday to pass legislation banning abortions after 15 weeks, and will now send the legislation to be considered by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

It passed in the chamber with a vote of 23-15, The Hill reported.

The measure has caused bitter debate as it passed through the GOP-controlled legislature, as Republicans repeatedly rejected attempts from Democrats to add exemptions for pregnancies caused by rape, incest or human trafficking. The Florida bill contains exceptions if the abortion is necessary to save a mother's life, prevent serious injury to the mother or if the fetus has a fatal abnormality.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has previously signaled his support for the proposal.

The legislation would shorten the time period in which a person might receive an abortion in the state of Florida, which has been up to 24 weeks.