South Korea officials tighten restrictions amid spike in virus cases

Restrictions include gyms not playing any song over 120 beats per minute during group exercises
Virus Outbreak South Korea
Posted at 4:46 PM, Jul 12, 2021

As South Korea sees an increase in COVID-19 cases, officials tighten restrictions in Seoul and nearby regions.

According to the Associated Press, the country recorded 1,100 new cases of the deadly virus, breaking records for the first time on a Monday.

Under the new restrictions, private social gatherings are restricted to two people after 6 p.m., churches and nightclubs are to shut down, and visitors are banned at nursing homes and hospitals, the AP reported.

According to NPR, rallies and protests are also prohibited, and only family members can attend weddings and funerals.

USA Today and Reuters say that gyms are also facing strict rules as the country deals with the outbreak.

According to the newspaper, gyms cannot play any song over 120 beats per minute during group exercises, treadmills cannot exceed the speed of 3.73 miles per hour, and the use of showers is also banned.

Officials said the new rules are a way for people not to get sweat on one another.

In July, 12,100 cases were reported, bringing its caseload to 169,146, including 2,044 deaths.

According to NPR, only about 11% of the population is fully vaccinated.