How to stay safe at gyms after COVID-19 quarantine

How to stay safe at gyms after COVID-19 quarantine
Posted at 4:32 PM, May 11, 2020

With states reopening after the coronavirus quarantine, the White House released a Three-Phase guideline for businesses and such to reopen safely.

According to the guidelines , gyms reopened but have to "adhere to strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols."

It's unclear what those protocols are.

To stay safe at the gyms, Mark Dalman, assistant professor at the College of Podiatric Medicine at Kent State University, told the American Heart Association said in a news release that if before you use anything, you should properly clean the gym equipment.

"Read the instructions on a bottle of disinfectant," Dalman said in the release. "It usually works on nonporous surfaces only and needs to stay in place for at least three to 10 minutes before being wiped up."

Associate professor of athletic training at the University of North Carolina Steven Zinder said in the news release that another way gymgoers can stay safe at gyms is to bring your water bottles, towels, and yoga mats.

"You can only take care of yourself, and you can only guarantee what you do yourself," Zinder said in the release.