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CDC blames rat infestation for hantavirus outbreak

The outbreak happened in 2018 in Washington, D.C.
Posted at 10:19 AM, Mar 07, 2022

New evidence from the CDC shows that a rat infestation is to blame for a hantavirus outbreak in Washington, D.C.

The outbreak happened between May and December 2018.

According to a CDC report, two people contracted the virus from rats and later died from the disease.

One patient was a maintenance worker and said he frequently saw rodents at work.

The CDC describes him as “previously healthy” and was 30 years old.

The second patient worked as a dishwasher and assistant plumber.

The man was 37 years old and had a history of chronic kidney disease.

CDC researchers said it is possible to contract hantavirus just by being exposed to or inhaling rodent feces, saliva or urine around them.

Hantavirus is usually carried by rodents.

Common symptoms include fatigue, fever, chills, headaches, diarrhea, muscle pains, shortness of breath, and vomiting and can last up to eight weeks.