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Cat survives tornado by hiding in shed, renamed Dorothy

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Posted at 9:45 AM, Mar 10, 2022

HUMESTON, Iowa — A cat has been renamed Dorothy after surviving an EF-2 tornado in Iowa.

Her owner, Patty Arnold, is still dumbfounded about the ordeal.

"How she survived it? I don't know,” Arnold said. Arnold said she only had a few moments to find shelter as a tornado tore through her property

She said the twister threw her farm equipment about a quarter-mile away. Her shed was on the other side of the street, which is where she found Dorothy

"I’m sure it was terrifying for her but she doesn't seem to mind it now,’ said Arnold.

Dorothy’s fur was matted in mud, sticks and debris but she is otherwise ok.

"The only thing left was the door laying on the ground and the floor. So I don't know how she did it, God was with her too,’ Arnold said.