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Biden caught on hot mic lashing out at reporter

Posted at 5:10 PM, Jan 24, 2022

President Joe Biden had some choice words for a reporter who was questioning him about inflation.

Biden was taking part in the White House Competition Council meeting on Monday.

After the president wrapped up giving his remarks, Fox News reporter Peter Doocey asked Biden about whether he thinks inflation is a political liability.

"No, that's a great asset – more inflation. What a stupid son of a (expletive)," Biden said.

Doocey said Biden called him Monday night to apologize for his comments.

The White house Competition Council is responsible for helping lower prices for American consumers. It was established by Biden in 2021 as inflation was surging.

The consumer price index rose 7% in 2021, the largest 12-month gain since June 1982, according to Labor Department.