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Laguna Beach uses 1,000 goats to help prevent wildfires

Posted at 5:50 PM, Oct 18, 2019

The city of Laguna Beach, California has employed a unique method to help prevent wildfires in the area: 1,000 goats.

ABC News reports that the city is using more than 1,000 goats to chew through dry weeds and grass. Laguna Beach's Fire Marshall, James Brown, calls the vegetation "fuel" for wildfires.

Laguna Beach has used goats since 1992 and Brown said the program was "extremely effective." This is the largest group of goats the city has had in the history of the program; goats and herders from Peru have cleared 80% of this year's 250-acre goal.

"The Laguna Beach residents appreciate what the goats do to protect their community, and are very supportive of our program," Brown said. "They have also been very supportive of the herders who tend to the goats, and welcome the herders each year when they come through the neighborhood."

This year, Laguna Beach experienced a wet season, which prompted "a super bloom." Brown says that while a super bloom seems great, the growth becomes fuel for wildfires as it dries out.

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