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Good news for March 27, 2020

Posted at 10:46 PM, Mar 27, 2020

Good things are still happening during the coronavirus pandemic.

KATC's Dave Baker has a look from around the nation.

The Georgia Aquarium is closed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. But that didn't stop some special guests from stopping by.

The Atlanta Humane Society let some its puppies wander around the aquarium to make friends, get some treats and relax. no fish were harmed in the making of the cuteness.

A change on the fly. Since hockey is on hold amid the novel Coronavirus crisis, equipment manufacturer Bauer is shifting from making visors for helmets, to making medical visors to help those on the front-lines of the pandemic.

The company will send thousands of devices to doctors and nurses in Canada first, then the U.S.

Doctors and nurses in desperate need of protective medical equipment will soon be decked out in pin stripes. Major league baseball and Fanatics are partnering to make hospital gowns and protective masks with the same fabrics used to make baseball jerseys.

Doctors and nurses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York will end up with gowns and masks that'll look like jerseys from the Phillies and Yankees.

And those are some of the good stories that are happening today.