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Good news: April 14, 2020

Posted at 6:04 PM, Apr 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 19:37:11-04

Clara Williams was supposed to be heading to Disneyworld as part of a Make-a-Wish trip. But because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the trip isn't going to happen, at least for now.

To cheer up the seven-year-old, who's been battling cancer, her Gilbert, Arizona neighbors put on a car parade. Clara's family gratefully rooting them on.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, friends and family surprised Michael Bahati, staging a car parade for his 11th birthday.

Michael's mother, tricking her son into thinking he was in trouble, and that his teacher was outside. The pre-teen greeted instead by a stream of well-wishers. Michael says "It was the best surprise."

A pair of Duke University hospital physicians exchanging their vows at an impromptu ceremony, after their wedding was postponed due to the Coronavirus.

OBGYN resident Dr. Shelun Tsai and Dr. Michael Sun recited their nuptials in front of co-workers at the Duke Birthing Center. Friends and family watching virtually. The happy couple, who are from New York, say an "official wedding" is upcoming.

In Falls Church, Virginia, neighbors are turning their 3D printers into factories for personal protective equipment.

After the NIH approved a list of stereolithography files for face shields and face masks, Jon and Jenny Girard got right to work. Their basement now buzzing around the clock as their two 3D printers generate up to seventy head bands each day. While upstairs, the couple created an assembly line for the face shields. And once word of what they were doing got out, neighbors, with a 3D printer themselves, joined the effort-making it a community affair.