Mother prepares daughter's funeral after being released from hospital

Family plans to have funeral services on Saturday
Posted at 6:22 PM, May 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-26 19:22:37-04

After last week's tornado that killed her daughter and also injured her son, Linda Dominick was released from the hospital Monday. When she returned home, she found a community and family who have been collecting donations, trying to help where they can.

"I just want to thank the people of Acadiana for stepping up to help me because I didn't know what, where, how, or why," said Linda Dominick.

The mother of two had so many questions when she regained consciousness, including the whereabouts of her 27-year-old daughter, Latreka Dominick.

"She said where is Treka, and I just looked at her and said we lost her," said Norma Stelly.

This new reality left a big hole for the Dominick family. They described Latreka, also known as Treka, as a young woman who had developmental issues but was always making friends.

"Oh my God, if you have days, it would take days to tell you everything I think and feel for my daughter. She never met a stranger. That's my friend, never spoke a word to her, but that's the kind of person she is," said Linda Dominick.

While still mourning her daughter, Linda is still pushing for her eldest child, Dalfred Dominick, who remains in the ICU.

"It was hard already, but it was even harder leaving my oldest son in there just knowing he's still in pain. I'm still in a lot of pain, but he's in even more pain than I am," said Linda Dominick.

Even with so much pain, the Dominick family says it's the support from the community that helps keep them going. They've been contacted by numerous organizations, but Dwayne's Dream Team and Shauna Sias have been in constant contact.

"I just want to thank you guys again. Everybody, coming together to help me, a little nobody that loves everybody," said Linda Dominick.

If anyone wants their donation to go directly to the Dominick family, you can head over to the family's GoFundMeaccount.