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Kaplan residents now allowed to own as many chickens as desired, but with conditions

City Council also adopted new ordinance regarding abandoned vehicles at tonight's meeting
Posted at 9:43 PM, Oct 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-15 23:57:28-04
Kaplan Farm Animals Vote

The Kaplan City Council met tonight to discuss several ordinances, including two regarding farm animals and abandoned cars in the city limits.

Last month, the council introduced an ordinance that would ban farm animals inside city limits after getting complaints saying those animals were causing a mess. The council even got reports of roosters fighting.

Tonight's agenda included six points that would establish "limitations for possessing domestic poultry within the corporate limits of the City of Kaplan."

The council voted down the following two points:

- The maximum number of birds allowed per residence will be eight. Each bird should have a minimum of two square feet of roosting space.

- One rooster per residence will be allowed within the corporate limits.

Because these limitations were voted down, residents may have more than eight birds on their property and more than one rooster within corporate limits.

Residents must keep their birds confined to a coop or outdoor run on their property, however, so free-ranging is not allowed.

Resident Ray Gaspard was against the restrictions, saying raising birds are part of the local culture.

"Don't take our culture from us...some of us are still holding on to our languages, some still will eat their gumbo and raise their hens...some of us are still country."

Also at tonight's council meeting, members voted to no longer allow junked and abandoned cars and trucks within the city limits.

The council voted tonight to adopt the state ordinance for dealing with abandoned vehicles.

The state ordinance calls for the city to send notices to the owners of the abandoned vehicles.

Owners of the vehicles will have 72 hours after notice to remove the vehicle or a second notice will be issued, along with a fine.

Lawn mowers and ATVs are also included in the ordinace. If you have an abandoned vehicle and need help getting it removed, call 337-643-8602.