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Abbeville resident questions who owns tree and who should remove it

Resident questions who should remove tree
Posted at 6:58 PM, Jul 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-16 19:58:08-04

Tree companies across Acadiana are slammed as they clean up debris in the aftermath of Barry.

On Schlesssinger Street in Abbeville, a massive water oak split in half during the storm. The tree caused major damage and now, the property owner and her family are questioning who's responsible for removing it.

"We're frustrated because look how ugly this looks," Carol Turner said. "We want to get it removed and it fell on my momma's place. We want to get it removed before the rain starts again."

The tree not only fell on Turner's mom's home, but also smashed three vehciles.

"Part fell on their Cadillac over there. The other part fell this way and it didn't fall all together," Turner said. "This side fell first and then a few hours later, this side fell."

Turner's son was inside one of those cars and was not injured when the tree fell.

Turner says the big question is who owned the tree. She says years ago, the City of Abbeville told her dad the tree was city property.

Either way, the cleanup will be a big job. Turner says if need be, her family will rally together to get the job done.

"You know, if we have to get others to help, we will," Turner said. "We appreciate any help we can get. We're not too proud to ask for help."

Tuesday afternoon after KATC called, Abbeville Mayor Mark Piazza did send the city attorney and another employee to the home to survey the damage and take pictures.

Piazza said, if people need assistance with storm cleanup, the can reach out to the Assist Agency, The Christian Service Center or the Americorp group stationed at St. Mary Congregational Church.

Turner says her family does plan on voicing their concerns during tonight's Abbeville City Council meeting.