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Abbeville family uplifting spirits during quarantine with Disney characters and dance

Abbeville family uplifting spirits during quarantine with Disney characters and dance
Posted at 10:48 PM, Apr 03, 2020

During this time of quarantine, one Abbeville family has found a creative way to stay home all while uplifting spirits in others.

They're spending their time, dressing up as Disney characters and dancing in their front lawn. Tuesday afternoon they danced to Zydeco music from Keith Frank.

"That's how we quarantine," Brittney Lopez said. She came up with the idea. The goal is to bring a smile to others during these uncertain times. Lopez says she's out of a job during this pandemic, but making the most out of it with her husband and sister in law.

"My husband kind of looked at me crazy," Lopez recalled when she told her family about the idea. " He was like 'what?'. My sister-in-law was like 'sure I'll do it'."

Lopez is a Realtor in Abbeville, while her sister-in-law Janelle owns a spa in the area. "We're not exactly considered essential workers," Lopez said. "In order to keep busy, without letting our minds wonder too much, we just wanted to do something fun."

The costumes aren't new to the family.

"I've actually been having these costumes , for 4 or 5 years," Lopez said. " My mom actually purchased them. She purchased these wanting to actually start a rental business and we never did. We're actually making some use of them. We just use them for birthday parties and family get togethers. This is the best use in my opinion that we can do with these costumes."

Their efforts are going beyond Lopez's neighborhood. People from nearby cities have stopped by to get a glimpse of their dance moves.

"It was just a great idea," Janelle said. "It's something that's going to bring light to everyone during this time of darkness." Lopez added , "Enjoy the time with your family that you have. We know with everything going on we may never get this time again. Enjoy it. Have fun and make the best of it while you're at your home."