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St. Martinville City Council tables discussion on Mayor's car allowance

Posted at 10:54 PM, Nov 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-04 23:55:46-05

St. Martinville Mayor Melinda Mitchell wants to give up her car allowance and is hopeful the city will instead buy a vehicle for her to use for official business.

Following the council meeting, Mayor Mitchell refused to give KATC an interview. Her supporters said she's not talking to us because we're "biased."

The Mayor proposed giving up her car allowance which is $800 per month.

Mitchell is accused of failing to provide the administration with her insurance documents.

"We can't have anyone that's not properly insured by the city," Councilman Mike Fuselier said. "That's why we wanted the Mayor to have a city vehicle."

Fuselier said the Mayor initially chose not to have a city vehicle and the council agreed to give her $200 more per month than she originally requested.

"We just found out later that she didn't have the proper insurance and that's why we're making sure it is rectified immediately," Fuselier said.

The Mayor said in order to keep her car allowance, she would sign an agreement saying the city would not be responsible if she is using her own car. She also said on the $800 per month she is receiving, she's being taxed.

"So, it's my car. I've always had insurance," Mitchell said. " I just said I wasn't going to put the city on my personal insurance."

Councilman Craig Prosper said the Mayor needs to look into adding an additional insured to her policy. He said her insurance would then cover the city since she's in her personal car.

Mitchell said, "It's not that I said that I don't have to have insurance. That's common sense. I know that I have to have insurance."

The council decided to table the Mayor's car allowance discussion until the next meeting.